The concept of the formation of an African packaging organisation had been in the minds of certain packaging professionals in Africa for some time, but it was in March 2012 that Mr Kofi Essuman, at that time Chairman of the Ghana Institute of Packaging, first mooted the idea officially in an email to other interested parties.

The proposal was enthusiastically received by those parties, and Mr Roger Cary-Smith, head of education for the Institute of Packaging (South Africa) (IPSA) offered to act as Interim General Secretary and assist in "getting the ball rolling".

As a consequence, after three months of planning and preparation, an inaugural meeting of the African Packaging Organisation (as it was to become) was held at the Inanda Club, Sandton, Johannesburg, over a period of two days, at which the following were represented, as Founder Members -

Mr Joseph Nyongesa - Institute of Packaging Professionals , Kenya

Mr Ahmed Alex Omah -General Secretary, Institute of Packaging, Nigeria

Mr Sachindra Shetty - Interim President, Tanzania Packaging Association

Mr Andrew Marthinusen - Executive Director, Packaging Council of South Africa

Mr Kishan Singh -National Chairman, Institute of Packaging South Africa (IPSA)

and as observers -

Mr Bill Marshall - also of IPSA, and

Mr Peter Namutala, of the Kenya Bureau of Standards


Mme Lemia Thabet of PackTec (the Tunisian Institute of Packaging) was unable to attend, but is also a Founder Member.

Issues debated were a statute for the organisation drafted and suggested by the interim secretariat, an initial budget, and numerous other procedural matters.  The meeting concluded with the signing of the statute, bringing the AFRICAN PACKAGING ORGANISATION formally into being, and the election of the initial office bearers (see under Management of the Organisation).

The  Objectives of the new organisation were similarly debated and agreed, and may be viewed by clicking  HERE.

The Statute as approved can also be viewed by clicking HERE.